Rediscover your value 

Your best days physically and spiritually are still ahead of you. Discover new energy as you move more, eat better, and care for your soul over the next 8 weeks.
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Recapture energy you haven't had in years. With no equipment needed or gym memberships needed, you'll improve your health enough to do things you haven't in years and maybe even reduce or eliminate the need for daily medicines.


Your spiritual health affects mind, body, and soul. As you walk through devotions designed to coincide with the movement and join in on weekly teachings, you'll find rejuvenation in your spirit as you connect with God in new ways.


Connection is the key to success. Walk the 8 week journey with those like you making sustainable life change. Build camaraderie and friendships as you all achieve your goals together through encouragement and accountability.

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Fit Faith is for YOU.  

This isn't a program to help you look like a fitness model or lose 50 pounds in 2 months. With no equipment or gym membership needed, this program that creates sustainable life change that brings results in all facets of life. The shape you will achieve is the shape that allows you to travel more often to see the grandkids, lose weight so you can have the surgery you haven't been able to have, or come off the medicines you've been taking for years. Take advantage of user friendly sustainable menus, exercises, and accountability through a community with a biblical foundation to rediscover your value.

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Rediscover your value through sustainable lifestyle change over the course of 8 weeks.

Weeks 1&2 -

Re-engage your body, mind and soul through new rhythms. Find renewed energy, discipline, and inspiration that will set the foundation for sustainable life change.

Weeks 3&4 -

Rediscover what your body is capable of. Where working out, eating right, and taking care of your soul was unthinkable, find out that you have more in you than you realize.

Weeks 5&6 -

Redefine your limitations. After awakening your body and discovering what you can do, apply what you know and see that you are capable of reaching new heights.

Weeks 7&8 -

Re-establish yourself in a life you thought had passed you by. Visit family more, go outside often, and continue to solidify the life change you establish throughout the 8 weeks.

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Elmer Wilson

Elmer Wilson

“As a Type II Diabetic with high blood pressure, I was thrilled to see my fasting blood sugar drop from 170 down to 98 and my blood pressure from 160/110 to 122/64. My doctor is talking about removing a couple of my medications, and he told me to stay with the Fit Faith program.”

Cheryl Wilson

Paul Ingram

“I am sixty years old and have more energy than I have had in years. I feel so good now, I can work out even beyond the bootcamp recordings. It also feels good to be down over twenty pounds and two pant sizes.”

Cheryl Wilson

Arlene Roberts

“My body feels so much better. Not only are my clothes fitting better, but I am able to tie my shoes without having to stand back up and catch my breath. Thank you, Chad, and Jeff.”

There is power in community.

You will engage in 2 types of community with Fit Faith - one of accountability and one of camaraderie.

On the Fit Faith platform, you'll find like minded people talking about their goals, holding you accountable to yours, and talking about what they've learned and accomplished.

In our Facebook group, you'll be cheered on and encouraged, get great devotional teachings, and be a part of weekly giveaways. You can even join the Facebook group if you haven't signed up for the 8 week journey so you can see the change happening before you commit. (Feel free to do that here.)

By walking with others, you'll be sure to succeed at creating the sustainable life change you desire.

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Your spiritual health matters.

When you strengthen your spiritual health, you engage the whole of your mind, body, and soul. Learn how your spiritual health connects with your physical health through the 8 week journey and get weekly teachings on your spiritual health in relation to the seasons, your relationships, and culture in the Fit Faith Facebook group.

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Is your tank empty?

Chad and Jeff bonded over this question as they discussed how to love God and others when their tanks were empty. After quickly developing a friendship over lifting at the gym, they dreamed together how their individual expertise could create a program that would allow them to share the benefits of wellness and accountability with others. Shortly thereafter, Fit Faith was born.