Improve your quality of life through sustainable life change.

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Align your expectation and experience.

With nearly 40 years of combined ministry, through physical training and pastoring, Jeff and Chad came to realize that most people they worked with were:

  • fatigued
  • frustrated
  • fed up with the expensive quick fixes that did not address the core problem

People needed to rediscover their value and start loving themselves again.

There are no gimmicks with Fit Faith. What you will find with Fit Faith is

  • accountability
  • community
  • encouragement
  • all the resources you need to be successful

With a positive attitude and a willingness to try (and a good chair with arms), you will succeed at creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

There is no escaping the fact that God loves us. However, how do we love God with ALL our heart, our soul, and our mind, if we are running on empty? Giving ALL when we feel as though we have so little is very defeating. 

The mission of Fit Faith is to help you refill your cup so that you can pour into others, thereby, fulfilling the Great Commission.

Sustainable life change is necessary and more readily available than most realize. Give us 8 weeks to prove that it's available to you.

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Cheryl Wilson

“I love that this program is affordable and sustainable. I do not need to spend hours in the kitchen or purchase hundreds of dollars of prepared foods or supplements. Fit Faith works with what I have, food I normally buy, and no more than an hour a day of my time.”

Tiana Roberts

"Wow! Fit Faith! I am extremely impressed with how I have been feeling overall. Not only have I lost the last few stubborn pounds, but Fit Faith has shown me how to live with healthy habits beyond the 8-week boot camp."

Fit Faith's Fitness Philosophy

We believe everyone can achieve some level of fitness. That's why we refer to it as movement and not working out. All it takes is a consistent commitment to move for 30 minutes a day and your life will be drastically improved.

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Why is spiritual health important?

The greatest commandment is "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength" and the second greatest is "Love your neighbor as yourself." We believe these aren't suggestions, but principles to live by.

Investing in spiritual health directly strengthens the heart, mind, body, and soul which then allows the "loving your neighbor" commandment to be lived out more effectively.

When spiritual and physical health are improved simultaneously, it allows for growth in new and unexpected ways. 

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